mar 192007

In this place that is called the “domaine of Lampy”, Claude Anne BOUDET are pleased to welcome you. Inside their large mansion, they will great you kindly and naturally.

Lampy - Notre maison

Outside the house, you will be able to discover a large park planted with very old and large trees as well as various plants.Inside the house you will find out some kind of an ancient charming feeling and the luxury of large spaces at your entire disposal.

This place is also the house of an open minded family who knows how to share the magic of a one of a kind environment mixed with a rich History .

  • The “Cathare countryland” (the land where the Christians “Cathares” hided while they were hunted by the inquisition of the Catholic Church).
  • The Black Mountain, important place of the French Résistence during World War 2.
  • Hiking and biking. Swimming & sunshine. Visiting the local “Arboretum” is a must because you can discover the “Fables de Jean de la Fontaine” ( for French fluent speaking people though)
fév 042007

rhododendronThis park modelled during the 19th century, was trial zone for experimenting the growing of different exotic trees for the count of the "Canal du Midi" administration.

The park and gardens of Lampy have been neglected for over 40 years.

Des séquoias

Though, today, with the precious help of the French national forest office (ONF) and the European rural development program (PDZR-1993), it has been restored, finding again its paths. (Sequoiadendrons, giants Thujas, Cypresses of Lawson, Virginia tulip tree, Chilian Araucaria ….)

Some new species have been planted recently: (Gingko bilobas, Negundo maple trees, Cedars of the Himalayan and Lebanon, bohemian olive trees, liquidambar from Louisiana…)Fables de la Fontaine

The Arboretum is open to the public all year long, (commented and guided visit possible on demand).

You can also enjoy of "the route of Lafontaine" which is a special kind of course where you are going for a walk along the different paths, on which you can take a rest, and read the Fables(in French though), and admire magnificent outdoor paintings realised by Madeleine Neyret. Philosophy teacher Anne Boudet will comment the texts

Specificities and originality

Paths of collection species: North American trees.

Forest paths: Black Mountain flora.

Aquatic paths

A fantastic collection of secular rhododendrons.

Creative spirit :

The place where can meet RIQUET and Jean de LA FONTAINE… Today !

panneau de l'entrée de l'aroburetum
jan 202007

Monsieur et Madame Boudet

Domaine Lampy Neuf

Tel : (33) 04 68 24 46 07
e-mail :


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jan 202007

1   -  guest suites

  • same price all year long
  • open all the time
  • including a large traditional French breakfast

Suite 1 (east wing)  :

€70 one large bed (2 pp)

Suite 2 (center room) : 3 beds (1 large bed + 1 little bed)

€70 for for 2 beddings

Suite 3 (west wing & family sized) :

€70 + €20 for any additional bedding.

This suite include : one large bedroom & a large bathroom both topped with 2 additional “attic” smaller sized rooms dedicated for as much as 3 children or teenagers.

2  -  guest tables

  • only if reserved in advance
  • price of one meal :  €25
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